Top 5 SEO factors to increase your website ranking

Your presence in the first results not only guarantees more visitors, but may extend to additional profits that low-ranking sites cannot reach and achieve

What is SEO and how to do it?

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The 3 most important things on a SEO strategy

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On Page SEO: Optimize your Website

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Off Page SEO: Link Building Strategy

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Wrapping up the article

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Google is aware of the importance of the results on its first page, so it works hard to improve it as much as possible through a variety of different updates that the platform constantly launches, and because of these updates, the ranking of sites on the first page is always changing, and that time is the most appropriate so that you can improve the ranking of your site And take advantage of the first results treasure in the Google page

Your presence in the first results not only guarantees more visitors, but may extend to additional profits that low-ranking sites cannot reach and achieve, as the click rate on pages in the first results of Google is higher than the late results by a difference of up to 50%, Also, the majority of the visitors you want to target are confined to the first page only and do not search on the rest of the other pages

But how do I get to the first page of Google results?

This question is one of the most searched questions by users on the Internet, and it is one of the oldest questions asked by website owners and different companies. Preparing the site for search engines and making it appear in the first results with ease, and these are general tips that we offer you from our experience in Zalal for marketing email

First: Building a site that delights and maintains visitors

Most website owners start configuring their sites for search engines and trying to improve them after building and publishing the site, but the truth is that the process of configuring the site must start while building the site from scratch and choosing all its various details from hosting and the site’s address to the site’s design, interface and features that it uses

As your site is easier to use and closer to the real user, it becomes a favorite with Google and makes Google want to put it in the first ranks always, but why?

It is not possible to answer this question and understand the importance of site design and choosing its different aspects without going back directly to the data that Google collects about your site, because this data tells us what Google looks at your site without any interpretation from third parties

And when you look at that data, what you find in front of you is a different set of information about your site visitors, including the click rate on the site, the bounce rate of visitors on the site, and most importantly, the time that the visitor spends on your site, all of which are obvious things that may seem unimportant to the untrained eye

But this data directly affects the ranking of your site with Google and the extent to which Google recommends it, because Google will not filter a site (put it in the first results) without it being preferred by visitors and they can easily spend a lot of time on it without trying to bounce or move away from it as soon as they see it

In order to be able to make your site a favorite among visitors, the site must be designed in a way that facilitates their journey within the site, and it must also be simple in use without additional complications that force them to spend more time on the site even though they want to leave it

The simpler the site is to use, the more visitors prefer it, and thus Google puts it in the first results

Second: no one has time to wait for your site to show up

We live in a time of speed, as computers become faster than we need and more powerful than we need, and the Internet has become much faster than in the past, so no one has enough time to wait for your slow site to appear, and the slower the site becomes, the more Google makes it at the bottom of the list

There are several different factors that directly affect the speed of your site, as these factors start from choosing your hosting, as you must choose a fast hosting that is able to deal with large numbers of visitors, and you can avoid various hosting problems by using content distribution networks or as you know for short as CDN It sends the content to the visitor through the server closest to him to ensure a faster and more interactive experience with the site without losing a lot of time and effort within the site

The speed also includes the speed of the images appearing and the information reaching the visitor, the visitor does not want to read thousands of words before he reaches the information he is looking for or the product he wants to buy, and the images are the lifeblood of the various sites, as if they are not sufficiently prepared The site will be much slower

Third: SEO for mobiles first, followed by computers

Developers get a lot annoyed by this concept, but it is a fact that they may not admit, as the majority of users rely on their phones first before trying to use computers, which makes SEO for mobile phones much more important than for PC

The matter is not much different from improving computers in its foundation, but what matters is that you make the site easier to use for those who use it on their phone, and there are many tools that help you do this without the need to appoint a special developer who works with you in order to develop these tools, and this includes Developing the AMP version that appears on mobile phones faster than on computers

Also, the site designer must take into account leaving the necessary distances between the buttons and images on your site so that it becomes easy to use the site over the phone without accidentally clicking on some different images or titles that he does not want to click on, which may make the experience of using the site disturbing for him

This includes creating images and texts as well to be suitable for mobile phones, such as having suitable sizes and dimensions that make them better and more suitable for use with phones and mobile phones, and this includes all tools and additions used within the site, as they must be suitable for mobile phones.

Fourth: Choose the appropriate keyword

Everyone thinks that keyword selection is the easiest step in search engine optimization, but the truth is completely different from that, as it must be chosen very carefully so that you can identify your main competitor that you want to beat, and here you should look at the competition in search engine optimization In the form of very fast racing cars

You cannot enter a fast car race using an old car and want to compete with the latest model of the year, as the result of this race will surely be that you lose and lose the place you wanted to reach

But this old car can compete in vintage car races and maybe win them and also come close to achieving first place, so you can enter those races with your old car

Choosing a keyword is similar to the process of choosing the race you want to search for, so you must choose keywords that you can win and achieve success with minimal effort, especially if you are an emerging site that does not have much confidence in Google or its audience

Do not try to compete with the giant sites first, because they can achieve what you cannot do in terms of marketing and building user trust in them.

Fifth: External links indicate your reputation

Google was at one time putting incomparable confidence in external links, and it made the sites that have the largest number of external links occupy the first results, so some thought that this was the only way to improve search engines, but this matter ended with the latest Google updates

As Google puts more weight on the type of sites that point to your site, and the larger these sites are with giant trust, the higher and better their links become to your site, so sometimes you find a link from one site that is equivalent to the strength of 100 links from 100 different sites

What you can do in this step is to search for sites with high credibility in your field and try to build links within them, no matter how expensive or difficult they are, because these links will help you a lot in the future of your site's search engine optimization

Free Gift: The Fastest Way to SEO

Thank you for caring to read this article to the end, we appreciate your trust in us, so here's a free gift for you. . Content is king. That sentence is one of those sentences that have become cliché because it's said too often, but that doesn't mean it's a bad sentence or not true, the only way To overcome all the factors and tips that you see in front of you is to create original and unique content that really benefits the visitor

This is not limited to creating large content that exceeds a thousand words, but you must provide the visitor with a real benefit that makes him want to return to this site and visit it again, so do not try to lie or waste your visitor’s time, as Google protects the visitor and punishes you

There are many other commandments that cannot be mentioned in Metadata , which is the description of the content and its consistency with the content itself, as well as personalization in content messages, subheadings, internal links, and many other things that we take into account in a company Zalal for marketing Digital when writing content and building sites that rise to be on the front pages of search engines. Do not hesitate to talk to us directly for a free consultation from the Zulal team

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