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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with any brands who have ambitions to grow their brands, businesses, traffic and improve customer experiences along the entire customer journey

How do you onboard new clients?

Our on boarding process is built to ensure a smooth transition from build, optimize and accelerate the growth journey An simple and seamless client experience is of critical importance at every phase

Our process involves subscribe to Growth Accelerator program, connect your social accounts channels and get insightful reporting and dash boarding with KPIs and scorecard metrics to guide data-driven actions plan toward growing your business profitably and predictably Fully equipped with broaden portfolio of digital marketing tools & tactics,products and services via our marketplace Zmart

What tools do you use on daily basis?

We use a multitude of digital marketing tools for every purpose including our own dashboard & reporting tools and systems

Here are a few of them :


Growth Framework

google search console

Google Search Console

google trends

Google trends

google ads

Google ads

google analytics

Google analytics









facebook pixels

Facebook Pixels

Can I see some work you’ve done?

Yes of course, while we can’t showcase everything we do for every client, we do have a variety of our work that you can check out here

How quickly will I see results?

First, let's us just say that you will see results However, the speed at which you will see results will be based on:

Current Status: How visible is your brand or businesstoday? What growth efforts are already in place? How well are they performing?

Market: How competitive is your industry within your market?
Assets: Do you have a website? How well does your website perform in search rankings?Do you have good helpful value added content that potential customers can engage with?

Budget: You don't need a huge budget to start seeing results In fact, we'd rather see you scale your budget over time as you begin to see growth (ie results) And, as your budget scales, so will the work we can do for you there's no reason you should be going broke or taking huge financial risks to grow your business

When these 4 factors are balanced and aligned, we can definitely see some quick wins early on And, we can generally start seeing real lasting and meaningful results within the first 3-6 months that said, we suggest you plan on 9-12 months in order to build a comprehensive marketing system that you can rely on for predictable & profitable growth

How will I know what's working and what isn't?

Each client receives 24/7 real time access to their own live, web-based dashboard which displays our framework with RAG coloring (ie red, amber and green) for what’s on-track, deviated or off-track respectively This dashboard is connected directly to your data sources and digital assets such as your website, your social accounts, and our 3rd party partners tools

Additionally, periodic reporting configurable to be daily, weekly, monthly will be provided through your dashboard, as well as monthly reporting review calls with our growth experts

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