Client: Gowns store / Date: 2022 / Category: Fashion / Platform: Shopify

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Brand Identity, Website, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Migrating 1000+ Products eCommerce Store to Shopify

Client Situation

Gowns store is one of the popular Fashion websites in Saudi Arabia, targeting ladies who are looking for stunning looks in their important life occasions, Gowns store faced the challenge of not having a website that is user friendly in the backend or the frontend and low sales volume, High maintenance OpenCart store was require developer intervention each time Enhancements are required too

Our Solution

Zalal upgraded their brand identity and worked with Gowns Store team closely to migrate OpenCart website maintaining their customer database and their products list while optimizing the images and pages weight to another Shopify platform to offer a new design with a better look & feel and more friendly user-experience, also Zalal has worked on new SEO content overall to improve Google ranking position for targeted keywords In addition, Zalal designed and implemented a marketing campaign to improve their sale volume


Website/Mobile friendly user experience and optimised website and mobile, SEO optimized content and growing their Monthly sales by 591% and improving their Instagram reach by 29.8% organically

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Case Study: From Boutique Charm to Digital Domination - Transforming Gowns with E-commerce Excellence


Gowns, a charming boutique specializing in exquisite dresses and gowns, faced a crucial turning point While their in-store experience was unmatched, their online presence remained underdeveloped, hindering brand growth and failing to capture the hearts (and wallets) of a wider audience Partnering with Zalal, a leading digital marketing agency, Gowns embarked on a transformative journey Leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies, we aimed to elevate their online brand identity, streamline the customer experience, and ultimately, drive sales


  • Limited Online Visibility: Gowns' website was outdated and lacked search engine optimization (SEO), making it difficult for potential customers to discover their stunning collection online
  • Inefficient In-Store Systems: Inventory management and customer service processes were handled manually, leading to inefficiencies and hindering sales growth
  • Unconnected Customer Experience: The disconnect between the in-store and online experience created a disjointed journey for customers
  • Limited Marketing Efforts: Gowns relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, failing to capitalize on the potential of targeted online advertising and social media engagement


1- Building a Captivating Online Presence:

Website Redesign and Development: A user-centric website redesign prioritized a visually stunning and intuitive experience High-resolution product photography showcased intricate details and various dress styles on diverse models, allowing customers to envision themselves wearing the gowns

SEO Optimization: A comprehensive SEO audit identified and rectified technical SEO issues Strategic keyword targeting ensured the website appeared at the forefront of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) for user queries related to dresses and gowns

Content Marketing: Compelling blog posts and social media content were crafted, showcasing the artistry behind Gowns' creations and the stories of the designers This content resonated with a target audience seeking unique and high-quality dresses

2- Streamlining the In-Store Experience:

Inventory Management System: A robust inventory management system was implemented, providing real-time data on stock levels, sizes, and sales trends This improved operational efficiency and ensured accurate product availability online and in-store

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: A CRM system facilitated the organization of customer data, purchase history, and preferences This enabled personalized recommendations and enhanced customer service interactions

3- Bridging the Gap - Online & Offline Integration:

Omnichannel Marketing: Gowns' online and offline marketing efforts were integrated. In-store promotions were reflected online, and online promotions featured clear calls to action encouraging in-store visits

Click-and-Collect: A click-and-collect option was implemented, allowing customers to purchase dresses online and pick them up at the store This provided flexibility and catered to customers who preferred to try on dresses before purchase

4- Amplifying Brand Awareness & Customer Engagement:

Targeted Social Media Marketing: Strategic social media advertising campaigns leveraged demographic and interest-based targeting to reach potential customers actively looking for formal wear online

Influencer Marketing: Partnerships were established with fashion influencers whose aesthetics aligned with Gowns' brand voice These collaborations introduced the brand to a wider audience and garnered valuable social proof

Email Marketing Automation: Triggered email campaigns were created, including abandoned cart reminders, personalized product recommendations, and exclusive offers for loyal customers These emails nurtured customer relationships and encouraged repeat purchases


Within a designated timeframe, Gowns witnessed a remarkable transformation:

Increased Website Traffic: Website traffic surged significantly, with a notable increase in unique visitors from various geographical locations Targeted SEO and digital marketing efforts successfully connected Gowns with a wider audience

Enhanced Conversion Rates: The data-driven approach led to a significant increase in website conversion rates, translating into a substantial rise in online sales Improved website functionality, high-quality visuals, and personalized recommendations all contributed to this success

Streamlined Customer Experience: The implementation of in-store systems improved operational efficiency and delivery times Omnichannel marketing and click-and-collect options provided customers with greater flexibility and convenience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty

Boosted Brand Awareness and Social Proof: Gowns' captivating online presence and strategic influencer partnerships led to significantly increased brand awareness and social media engagement

Key Takeaways:

This case study exemplifies the power of a holistic e-commerce strategy that combines a user-friendly website, data-driven marketing, and in-store system integration By focusing on online visibility, customer experience optimization, and brand awareness, Gowns successfully transitioned from a boutique gem to a thriving online destination for luxury dresses and gowns


Gowns' journey demonstrates the transformative potential of digital marketing and technology for fashion businesses By partnering with Zalal