Client: arus and lillian / Date: 2022 / Category: Fashion / Platform: Shopify

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Brand Identity, Website Design and Development

Seeding New Business and create Online Presence for Fashion Designer

Client Situation

Arus an Lillian is one of the unique high-end fashion designers in Saudi Arabia, targeting worldwide wholesales. Arus and Lillian faced the challenge of not having a good online presence and identity

Our Solution

We worked with Arus and Lillian owners closely to help develop a brand identity that would match their vision and prepare them to compete with worldwide designers and we helped them design and develop a website to represent their unique products globally


reaching potential customers and B2B Opportunities on wide scale that wasn’t achievable before

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Transforming Arus & Lillian: A Data-Driven E-commerce Journey for Dress & Gown Success


Arus & Lillian, a well-established fashion manufacturer specializing in exquisite dresses and gowns, faced a critical juncture While their craftsmanship boasted undeniable quality, their online presence remained stagnant, hindering brand growth and failing to capture the hearts (and wallets) of a wider audience Partnering with Zalal, a leading e-commerce marketing agency, Arus & Lillian embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging data-driven strategies to elevate their online brand identity and drive sales


  • Limited Brand Awareness: Arus & Lillian's brand recognition primarily existed within a niche market They struggled to reach a broader audience of potential customers seeking high-quality formal wear
  • Outdated Website Experience: The existing website lacked a user-friendly interface, hindering customer navigation and discouraging exploration of the extensive dress and gown collections
  • Inconsistent Product Information: Product descriptions were often generic, lacking detailed information about materials, silhouettes, and care instructions This created confusion and reduced customer confidence in making online purchases
  • Limited Marketing Strategy: Arus & Lillian relied heavily on traditional marketing methods, failing to capitalize on the potential of targeted online advertising and social media engagement


1- Building Brand Identity & Storytelling:

Content Marketing: Zalal's team crafted compelling blog posts and social media content showcasing the artistry and expertise behind Arus & Lillian's creations High-quality visuals featuring diverse models in various settings (weddings, galas, etc.) were used to connect with a wider audience and showcase the versatility of the dresses and gowns

Influencer Marketing: Strategic partnerships were established with fashion influencers whose aesthetics aligned with Arus & Lillian's brand voice These collaborations introduced the brand to a targeted audience and garnered valuable social proof through genuine reviews and recommendations

2- Optimizing the E-commerce Platform:

Website Redesign: A user-centric website redesign prioritized intuitive navigation and a visually captivating experience High-resolution product photography showcased intricate details and various dress styles, allowing customers to envision themselves wearing the gowns

Enhanced Product Information: Detailed descriptions with accurate size charts, fabric information, and care instructions were implemented to address customer concerns and build purchase confidence

Personalization: Zalal integrated a recommendation engine that analyzed past browsing behavior and purchase history This technology offered personalized product suggestions, enhancing customer experience and driving sales

2- Data-Driven Marketing Strategies:

SEO Optimization: A comprehensive SEO audit identified and rectified technical SEO issues on the Arus & Lillian website Strategic keyword targeting ensured the website appeared at the forefront of relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) for user queries related to formal wear

Paid Advertising: Zalal implemented data-driven paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms and search engines Targeting specific demographics and interests ensured maximum reach among potential customers actively seeking high-end dresses and gowns

Email Marketing Automation: Triggered email campaigns were created, including abandoned cart reminders and personalized product recommendations These emails nurtured customer relationships and encouraged repeat purchases


Within a designated timeframe, Arus & Lillian witnessed a remarkable transformation:

Increased Brand Awareness: Social media engagement skyrocketed, with a substantial growth in followers across key platforms Through compelling content and influencer partnerships, Arus & Lillian established itself as a leading brand within the formal wear market

Enhanced Website Traffic: Website traffic surged significantly, with a notable increase in unique visitors from a wider geographical range This expansion showcased the effectiveness of SEO optimization and targeted advertising efforts

Improved Conversion Rates: Zalal's data-driven approach led to a significant increase in website conversion rates, translating into a substantial rise in online sales Personalized product recommendations, streamlined navigation, and clear product information all contributed to this success

Key Takeaways:

This case study exemplifies the power of a data-driven e-commerce marketing strategy for fashion brands By focusing on brand storytelling, website optimization, and targeted digital marketing campaigns, Arus & Lillian achieved significant growth and solidified its position as a leader in the formal wear industry


Arus & Lillian's journey demonstrates the transformative power of collaboration between expert craftsmanship and strategic e-commerce marketing By partnering with Zalal, Arus & Lillian transcended its limitations, captivating a wider audience, and achieving sustainable online success With a commitment to ongoing optimization and innovation, Arus & Lillian is poised to continue its reign as a leading force in the world of exquisite dresses and gowns